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TheFUN® Membership - 1 Year. Now with TheFUNPass® FREE! 

(CopReward Members: Ask for "AlphaCode" from 911Dispatcher for free membership).

Members Benefits: *(OPEN 15 Sept) 

Membership extended to Jan 2022!

Shop and Save Online - 10 to 50% off.

29,500 (+/-) NEW Items coming spring 2021!!

TheFUNPass®Shop and Save "Nationwide" - Upto 50% off.

230,000 Plus Merchants Nation wide. (Live 15 Sept 2020) Food, Movie Tickets, Theme parks, Travel, Hotels and more! 

Membership gives you TheFUNPass free: National Discounts at 340,000 Merchants from coast to coast on almost everything you can eat, see or do.

  • You get 10% off: for all tickets to about 99,999+/- (precovid and post covid) NFL, NBA, MLB, Theater, Movies, Concerts and lots of other live events. 
  • 240,000 discounts from new cars to eating out.. TheFUNDeals.comi
  • 20% Discount on all shopping inside
  • 25% off all Police / Fire / EMS Gear in our VIP section of TheFUNMall. (Hidden Pages).
  • 10% off you cell service with (Authorized AT&T (h2o) and Verizon Service Retailer). Mobile and Hotspot Services.
  • 10% off TheFUNPad Tablet for your family.
  • 5% Discount for your family with career Insurance classes and agent CE credits at home. 
  • Next week, we are adding 10% discount on Tele-Medical Care from a doctor over your smartphone with an app. 24 Hr Care on demand.
  • More coming 2021

 Private New Web Browser for PCs

  • Download TheFUN® Browser for PC. Members Special Ver.1.5 Multiscreen Web Entertainment Browser.

Welcome Package:

  • TheFUN® Welcome Package by email
  • TheFUNPass®  App Download Instructions.
  • TheFUN® Browser Download Code
  • SAVE 10% NOW: "TheFUNPass10" code at checkout

"Members Partners Sponsor FREE Community Programs 2 ways:  1. By Joining and just shopping"

  1. - Free Police, Media and Parent tools to work faster.

  2. - Universal Distress Call for Help.
  3. - School Programs.
  4. - Call Centers with US Returning War Vets to help enroll your child, teach schools and set up your membership. Center will open when funded. Each purchase by Member partners like you make this dream real.

Learn "XiiO - Universal Child Abduction Distress Call"