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MomRing™ Pilot Programs from TheFUN® gives single mothers a hand up with simple plan home based business of your own for just a $20 bill (Signed by you and your kids.).

If you are reading this, you likely have what you will need to get started. You will need a phone, computer and the internet.  The rest I/we can teach you. Work your own hours around the schedule of children. If my mother, who only had a 6th grade education, had this, my life would have been different. We all need someone to believe in us. I believe in you and will help you learn and support your training and offer my supply line and skill set - matched to your effort. Work hard and I will help you learn to make the change for your child's future.


DEMO: FUNRaiser ™ - Socks.  You can get them wholesale and pay $83.99 in 4 payments for the stock, sell at $5 to $7.99a pair and keep all the difference or  take this deal to a school band, club or football team, etc... to raise money for their program.  Not a bad deal at all. Cost $335.99 - sell for $7.99 a pair and earn $463.01 split between you and the team. The payment plan gives you time to sell the socks and pay for your shipment just like any other merchant!

  • It's Your business to decide how you split it with them and your price selling points.
  • We have products that start as low as $2-$5 you can sell and pay as you go.
  • sell and repeat. How many pairs can you bundle for $10 & $20 packs.
  • Product never really expires, spoils and no lability like a cookie or popcorn.
  • When they wear them out, sell them more next year and year after that.
  • Need a website to go with this? We have that too after you sell through 500 socks. (5 shipments) 

Socks are only the tip of products to support your Business.



How far can you go?

From your desk, to a mobile cart, to a brink and morter store. I've got you. 


Download Training Manual: ( Not connected yet, online Aug 2022)
Ex Cons: You're just that,"EX".  Now, Let's move forward. My program Welcomes You. - Michael 

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