Cop Reward Program

Cop Reward Program


We are grateful for you protecting America - Land of The Free.

As our simple way to say "Thank you for your service" to all: Police, Dispatchers, Fire Rescue, Military and EMS, Join and get 20% discount on all your purchases here. This offer includes you and your family members for their sacrifices as you protect us.

- TheFUN® Membership** is Free for you & includes your whole family. (Your Spouse, Your Parents & Your Children.)

  1. Add TheFUN® Membership to the cart & Use special checkout Code from your watch commander, Dispatch or CO. 
  2. Commanding Officer may Request Group Code: 
  3. Send Email from your agency mail system and CC your boss with your membership number, name and phone.
  4. You will receive your welcome email package and special links to enroll for added bonus! TheFUNPass is included free!
  • From time to time, we may reset the codes for security.
  • The discount is .20 off every dollar and it ads up real quick.
BONUS: 20% Discount may be used at TheFUN® Store Merchants in your communities.
10 -50% OFF 100,000+ Merchants Nationwide.


J. Michael Thrasher (JMThrasher DBA: TheFUN®)

Photo: J. Michael Thrasher USN Ret. (Former 20 yr. US Mil. LEO/SWAT)

Do You Know XiiO?

 **COP Reward program is personally funded by JMThrasher, I reserve the unqualified right to refuse service to anyone, group without cause.