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This Lifetime Program is Free for those who qualify and checkout with the code for a free Lifetime ** CopRewards Program Membership in TheFUN®. To allow this to be seen, it has to have a value plugged in. The code will take it all off. Ask your Dispatch for the Alpha Code.

Use the free sign up code your dispatch has when you check out. If they don't have it, call 919-771-9661 and leave your duty desk number and I will call you back &  get you and your family taken care of right away.

Update: Now around 1,000,000 (+/-) Rewards and Discounts Nationwide. Free As A Thank You to you and your family. **Free Lifetime membership as long as we are able to give by commercial sales and Retail sales of TheFUN Brands.


Q. Why did Michael bring you here?

A. To keep the cost down, myself and the sponsors who help provide this free use this  commercial software to enroll all new memberships.

This helps keep program cost under control and we can introduce you to an extra bonus discount if you want to see if what you need or want is available here with a 20% discount in your package.

This is version 1.0 so bare with us as we grow.


Q. Once I sign up, what's next?

You will receive a welcome email package after you sign up. Takes only a few minuets.

How I pay for it.


and alot more..

"Temporary Elected Politicians don't make our America safe, You Do".



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