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TheFUN® Distributorship.

Start your new path to building sells with TheFUN®.

Parents and will likely shop with you more often because: each of these business models help raise funds to fight human trafficking with a group effort. Joining TheFUN® can lead repeat sales back to your door year after year.


Once you select this and complete your purchase, you are on your way to building new business.

You can:

  • Convert your existing licensed storefront business & join TheFUN® ** Brands Network.
  • Offer and Sell TheFUNBrands® directly and in bulk to your local customers.
  • Attend our convention of fun and training at: TheFUN®EXPO 
    • (TBD: 2023 - Wilmington, NC.).
  • Lean our new way of business for mass sales to groups.
  • TheFUN® Members, something new and growing, will be able to save 10% at your location. You may also sell memberships and earn a margin.

     You may select to become a distributor in 1 field: (Park/Shop/Merchant)

    • TheFUN® Barber™ Location (Barber Shop)
    • TheFUNPizza® Location (Pizza Shop)
    • TheFUN® Chicken™ Location (Chicken Stand)
    • TheFUN® Toco™ Location (Toco Stand)
    • TheFUN® Cone™ Location (Ice Cream Shop)
    • TheFUN® Fish™ Location (Fish House)
    • TheFUN® Pub™ Location (Sports Bar)
    • TheFUN® Pets™ Location (Pet Store)
    • TheFUN® Foods™ Location (Delivery Service)
    • TheFUN® Delivery® Location (Commercial Delivery Service)
    • TheFUN® Stores™ Location (Corner store, News Stand)
    • TheFUN® Mail™ Location (Mailboxes, Shipping and Email Shop)
    • TheFUN® Fuel™ Location (Gas Stations)
    • TheFUN® Water™ Location (Bottled Water Supplier)
    • TheFUN® Snacks™ Location (Bagged Snack Supplier)
    • TheFUN® Planet™ Location  (Travel Distination)
    • TheFUN® Day™ Location (Event Supplier)
    • TheFUN® Chips™ Location (Bagged Chip Supplier)
    • TheFUN® Cafes™ Location (Cafe Shop)
    • TheFUN® Cover™ Location (RV & Auto Cover Shop)
    • TheFUN® RV™ Location (RV Travel Park & Parts Supplier)
    • TheFUN® Coffee™ Location (Bagged Coffee Supplier)
    • Easy Home Tours™ Location (Listings for owners and agents)
    • BeautyGALS™ Location (Beauty Shop Cosmetics and Sexy Wear)
    • HopeBridal™ Location (Bridal Dress & Event Retailer)
    • TheFUN® Cakes™ Location (Wedding and Event Cakes)
    • Mums Cookies™ Location (Local Bakery Supplier)
    • MyTeaCo.™ Location (Tea Cafe & Supplier)
    • TheFUN® Radio™ Location (Sales & Installation)
    • and more.....

    - With a portion from each sale going back to the home office, families will know you as the business who sponsors TheFUN® and aid in child safety programs and fight human trafficking.

    - You also get an inhouse webpage at TheFUN® related branding page, leading customers back to your door with setting appointments and making sales.

      Trust me, if you are of good standing in your community and have no arrest record, there is something here for you..

      Everyone has questions: Ask me:

      In life and business: there are no guarantees, except.. If we try nothing, nothing will happen. Call me with questions, day or night.

      - J. Michael Thrasher (919-771-9661).

      Purchase to start the process and get the ball rolling.

      Sign the contract and return it. we will send starter signage and shirts for your crew within 10 days to bring you into TheFUN®.

      ** Terms and conditions apply, inquire within. This is a B2B service may not be brokered, sold by or too a 3rd party, resold, traded, loaned or given away in any form. Renewals are not automatic, you must apply 90 days before the end of your term. 

      This is not a franchise: You run your business as you see fit. Sell from within our distributor product guides and lines. We provide a NSF Food Supplier or retailer who is our partner, like you. Together, we will make a difference.


      Sale price will go up after the first 20 slots are sold in each catagory.