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$24,999,999 + NC sales Tax. 7.5%

The One and Only: -  Same As The Single Most Recognized Commercial Slogan In The Whole World for over 50+ Years!

You Are Buying "" Domain Name Only.

Do With It As You Wish!


This sale is a Fundraiser to build 4 Call Centers and a training center.

More info:

Bonus: Buyer may ask to become our Centers Sponsor for 1st year at the sale price, and 10 more years at $20,000,000 per year to be known as "OfficialSponsorOFTheFUN®" and co-brand market your support for this system. and Program and others.

- Bonus: THEFUN® Pad™.  You can run contests for awarding 5,000 units to your customers each year.

11 Year Contract Option.

Showcased in our Web Browser THEFUN® Browser, Website and our apps. You may display our logo and banners at your stores.

Extra Bonus: For an $25,000,000 Per year, You may enroll all of your customers in THEFUNPASS® FREE with a 11 year contract. All Of Them...that's a value. English is the standard languages, but more languages will be added as needed and available to us.

Photos Show:  Real Search & Recovery for missing person near our first center, Online education tools like, and more... 


Domain Name only. First with Cash Owns it.

Sold with quit claim & You Own It!

DNS use will transfer upon sale (same or next day).

Ownership transfer to a Godaddy account after payment clears.

ACH Transfer Allowed. Call 919-771-9661

 - No discount available on this sale. It's a fundraiser to build 5 centers and staff them to save our children.

- I reserve the unqualified right to refuse anyone, without cause or recourse.

Domain History: 

Name was abandoned and sold on an open market. After a series of ownership transfers, it landed up as my property and I am selling it to fund a great community project!!! It's a Dot .COM World! Make 2021 a great year to bounce back with THEFUN®


Make Your Public Relations Shine Building With US. After all, it's your own family that will benefit from our combined work.  THEFUN®isON!