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TheFUN Wireless Bring Your Own Device

TheFUN Wireless Bring Your Own Device

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NEW: Bring Your Own Verizon or Unlocked Device.

  • Includes New Sim Chip. 3X  Fits all 3 sizes.
  • Keep Same number. Port over in a few short hours.
  • Phone support to walk you through whole process.

 $69 Activation with first month free!!

$49 Month Wireless Plan, No Contract, No Credit Check. Prepaid Plan. Up-grande anytime.

  • Unlimited Talk
  • Unlimited Text
  • Unlimited data (First 6 Gig at 4G, then unlimited at 2G. Suitable for most adult needs.

Added Value:

Free 3x Sim Chip ($19.99 Value)

TheFUN® Membership

TheFUNPass® Membership

TheFUN® Browser (PC)

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