Homeowners & Renters Quick Action 5 Gun Safe Digital Keypad - FREE DELIVERY!

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Quick Action Gun Safe.

Here is why you need this safe: Quick Access in 3 seconds.

 Homeowner outnumbered by 3 armed criminals. She was able to respond quick.



Reason #2:  Child Safety - Secure your weapons to protect your kids. It's the law.


Reason #3: Theft Deterrence. Cheaper Insurance due to lower theft.


It's middle of the road gun safe. It holds five long rifles or shotguns and 3 Pistols in the  second locking internal safe. Store your ammo there with your gold if you like.'


Digital Safe opens in 3 seconds. Has a backup bypass key in case the battery gives out. Holes provided to mount to the wall and floor. Making it very difficult to remove.


Weights 88 Lbs. Not going to be easy, for renters with a dolly, its a wise choice over a heavy fridge gun safe costing over $1200. Those can cost up to $600 to have moved.


Free Shipping Worldwide.


 Do not lock your guns in your car. Use your home Quick Action safe.

Bonus: Free Delivery.