Collection: TheFUN Foods ™

2022 Home Delivery Services in Select Cities.

TheFUNDelivery™ Partners with Local Stores and
For your dry goods, sundries and groceries.


  • First: See if we are in your city:  TheFUNDelivery

  • Second: Purchase your Mobile Rover™ Digital Lock & delivery box @

  • Download our app and shop.  You will get a text when our driver places your order inside TheFUNMailBox™.

Standard Order Delivery Fee: $7 up to 10 miles from store.

REMOTE FOOD DESERTS: Friend, If you are in a food desert, we can go up to 20 miles  out, but will have to schedule multiple local deliveries on same trip.  So talk with your neighbors and plan ahead.

This is a Biznerships™ Model and we have openings in every city. To become a partner contact us at

 - JMThrasher