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TheFUN® Phone™ BYOD Activation Package

TheFUN® Phone™ BYOD Activation Package

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TheFUN® Phone™ BYOD* Plan

Enrollment & Activation with first month service $47.99 a Month plus tax.

  • *Bring Your Own Compatible Phone. 
  • Unlimited Calls, Unlimited Text and Data. First 5Gig high 5G speed, then 2G. 
  • Includes TheFUN® Membership with TheFUNPass®
  • Bonus: Now Includes TheFUN® MailFree!
  • You are now a XiiO™ Partner in Child Safety Worldwide & new CPPIDS AAS Free Membership System scheduled online March 2023.
  • Thank you in advance, J Michael Thrasher (JMThrasher) 

TheFUN® Wireless™ Telecom Services are provided over the Selectel/Verizon Nationwide Ultra 5G Network and others.

 - You can port in any line & keep your number.

Questions: Write down your IMEI number, found inside the phone battery compartment and the IMEI # and Sim#.  Then call (919) 805-6338 to check if your phone will work first. 8 AM to 8 PM.

- Some phones may require a new SIM card to work. Some phones just are too old, but we can find a solution. We no longer support Apple phones under iphone 8.

TheFUN® Phone(s)™ is a trademark of JMThrasher ' 25sel/5po/7.99tfm/60pot/95.88tfmt

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