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A Great Domain Name Lets Consumers Find Your Product First & Buy Fast!

With every consumer product search on mobile and desktop, their own browser starts out mining their device cookies and returns targeted ads based on their search. Here's what happens...
1. Within seconds, they get coupons from all of your competitors and you loose the sale.
2.  A Good Domain name (web address) wins in a Global Market Master Brand ID and will often  Bring More Global Sales". 
3. Now is your chance to own "" Buy It Now! Name For sale.  Price plus Tax & transfer in 3 Business days after payment clears.

This is a simple sale based on "supply and demand. It's my way of a fundraiser so I can continue my work. & others to continue helping your family and friends.

  • "The Only "" name in the world"
  • Owner/Buyer may apply for any open trademark in their country. In the United States alone, there are over 100 classes of trademarks. 
  • In regard to trademarks: with the rise of the World Wide Web, the globe now opens up tens of thousands of other possible trademarks uses, but there is still only 1 single domain.  
  • .COM is a commerce business address. .COM means "Department of Commerce" use.  As in any street or web address,  If you want it - buy it now.
  • Demand or threats to force unpaid transfer: I have owned the domain many years and I have never been contacted over a name dispute. So.. now that it's up for sale, it's too late to wine about it now.  Just buy it. If you had wanted it, you would have bought it, but you did not & I did. Relax, at the right price, it can be yours, just pay the man.
  • Price: "" could become a great slogan known though out the world. It's far cheaper than any set of lawyers & appeals court.  Just click buy now  and you can be done in 3 days.
  • I don't need to sell it and I can think of a hundred other uses.
  • Commercial Ownership transfer about 3 days using, after your payment has cleared.  Checks can take up to 21 days. ACH in 3.
  • Add Tax for NC. 7.5% (or as required by local, state and fed. Tax laws.)
  • Real screenshots or Mock/Artist photos were used in this ad and websites.

Transfer in about 3 business days after payment clears. My Word Is My Bond.

J. Michael Thrasher (919) 771-9661 : F&AM, Small Business Owner, Domain Investor & Domain Register at, Creator of XiiO.

Disclosure: "Basic Retail / Commercial Supply & Demand":  All Domain Names  (Web Address: ( were bought with my skill, my time and my investment  on an open public market and resold on an open public market. 

This "Address" is just like the building you have your office in & your home address.  If you want to be found at that set "address - You buy it". It will sell to the first with cash. No holds or restrictions.  ACH allowed if  you agree to add 2.5% ACH Document Prep & Fees charge. If you "click buy now" and do not complete the sale within 5 business days & do not call me at (919) 771-9661 to communicate, it could go back up for sale.


Note: If you do buy this at full asking price: I will offer other community outreach and marketing programs for just about all known devices. No shit.  Take a look at the photos.  This is not hobby.

In the end, together, we will partner up and end about 70% of all missing children in the US within 3-5 years with TheFUN® & CPPIDS Tools.

TheFUN® is ON!™,, and more... These photos represent less than 1/2 my programs. The marketing rewards could far passing any other D2C marketing program in the world. Let's hope so... we have work to do.

TheFUN® is ON!™

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