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TheFUN® Mall™

Biznership Merchant Membership

Biznership Merchant Membership

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THEFUN® Biznerships is a merchant account membership to offer THEFUN®Select Products and Services as agreed within the scope of your distributorship package.

You don't have to pay hundreds of thousands to be part of a chain.  Just $10,000 for existing businesses. Convert in as little as a week.

This fee gets you started and you will be contacted within 2 business days for the next steps.

Your existing store will be able to switch over to use THEFUN® logo branding in about a week, plus shipping time. We provide uniform shirts and signage and the business model. We have a national Supplier for everything in food service you might ask for.

Bonus: You may offer: THEFUN® Memberships to your customers to help bring them back to your door.

It's called THEFUNPass®  $19.99 retail, you earn $8.00 each sale.

To change your old franchise to THEFUN® xxxxxxxxx   Brands, after you have received your startup kit.

You get Road parking signs with your business name.

I.E. "THEFUN® Burgers/Chicken/Toco/Cone/Dog/Deli...etc.."

4x signs are custom to your business. 3X Yellow and 1 x Vet.

 You will bring Community Support Network into your local area. Parents will come to know your staff as the "goto people who care". Sales at your store and through, and others support building 5 call centers to help them on their worst day.  "We Got This Together"- Michael.


If you are currently under contract for a franchise, understand, they may do all they can to prevent you from walking away.  If you can, sell your franchise, but keep your store and staff. If you can't let's move forward when you are ready.

 You get access to our supply line for almost everything you could ever need for food service or retail. Ask...

You will also offer Prepaid Cell Phones prepackaged ready to sell.

You get access to 7 ways to finance almost anything business related.

You can get loyal foot traffic with THEFUN® Members. You will learn more about this.

Learn more, additional terms and conditions apply. (919) 771-9661

Legal Notice: I/we reserve the unqualified right to refuse service or membership to anyone without cause or notice:  "If you have a violent criminal, sex offender or were arrested for protesting / Assaulting a Police Officer / Military Member while protesting or a member of Aftifa, you are not a desired match for this program. Please do not apply".



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