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What's a good business plan without owning the only matching domain name in .com? 

Not much.. Domain Name For sale.

With every product search a consumer is looks for: their own browser is mining and returns data by pumping ads based on that search.   Within seconds, they will get coupons from all of your competitors and you loose the sale.  "SEALGRIP.COM Name Wins the Global Market Master Brand ID and can Bring More Global Sales". Own It Now! ** Commercial Domain Name For sale.

List Price plus Tax. Transfer 7 Business days after clearing payment.

  • This is a Fundraiser: So I can continue my work. & others.
  • Domain Name only. "The only "" in the world".
  • Beware of passing on it, as your competitors are always looking to get new customers.

Ownership transfer about 7 days using, after payment has cleared ACH or up to 14 days after cashiers check is deposited. You may use Account, but we are updating the server, so use

- Mandatory State Taxed added at checkout. Required by local, state and fed. Tax laws.

Transfer in about 7 days, after payment clears. 

J. Michael Thrasher(919) 771-9661 : F&AM, Small Business Owner, Domain Investor & Domain Register at, Creator of XiiO.

Disclosure: "Basic Retail / Commercial Supply & Demand":  All Domain Names  (Web Address: are bought with my skill, my time and my investments on an open public market and resold on an open public market.   This "Address" is just like the building your have your office in, or your home address.  If you want to be found at any "address - You buy it" or drive on by and watch others own it. It will sell to the first with cash. No holds or restrictions. ACH allowed if  you agree to add 2.5% ACH Document Prep Fees & time on my end.

Buyer pays all taxes, ACH fees.


** Open Market, non-exclusive offing. May be offered to select companies by email with or without bonus commercial offerings. Lease option not available on this rare name.

*Any selling error results in a refund if I cannot correct it or I withdraw sale.

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